Southwestern University Quarterly Magazine, 1992

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Southwestern University Quarterly Magazine, 1992


This particular edition of Southwestern Quarterly magazine includes articles titled "Discoveries of America" and "Exhibit Focuses on Tejana Women." The “Discoveries of America” section provides a short introduction for each of the six presentations that were held at the 1992 Brown Symposium. The article “Exhibit Focuses on Tejana Women” shines a light on the “Rostros y Almas/Faces and Souls” photography exhibit of 31 contemporary Tejana women from central Texas. The photographs represent the various contributions made to society by women of Mexican ancestry. The article displays a few of the photographs from the exhibit that were taken by Mary Jessie Garza. All of the women selected for the exhibit were chosen by co-curators, Mary Visser and Lupita Barrera Bryant. Visser and Bryant collaborated in order to discover the participants in the photography exhibit that was commissioned by Southwestern University. As a university publication, Southwestern Quarterly provided an effective platform to display the growing significance of Latino/a identities on campus by showcasing the exhibit to students, faculty, and alumni.


Southwestern University


Winter 1992