A Newspaper Clipping: "Keeper of Culture Wins Honor"

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A Newspaper Clipping: "Keeper of Culture Wins Honor"


“Keeper of culture wins honor” is a newspaper article printed by the Austin American-Statesman on September 15, 1983. September 15th begins the month long recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month, with the following day being “Diez y Sies”, Mexican Independence Day. The article features Margarita Munoz Simon because of her dedication to the preservation of Mexican culture. The newspaper clipping describes how her efforts were to be honored by the Hispanic community at the 1983 annual Diez y Seis celebration that takes place in Austin. Most of the work that Simon partook in was related to the radio. However she has always been very involved in community unification especially in regards to serving the Latin American people in terms of cultural or political activity. The article highlights her passion towards the dignity and knowledge that comes from one’s home and culture. It is most likely that for these reasons she was selected by Bryant and Visser to be a part of their “Rostros y Almas/ Faces and Souls” exhibit.


Bill Valdez


September 15, 1983