Las Manitas Angel Holiday Card

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Las Manitas Angel Holiday Card


The postcard is from Las Manitas Avenue Cafe. The cafe was co-owned by sisters Lidia and Cynthia Pérez, two of the women displayed in the exhibit. It contains a personal message from one of the sisters to Lupita Barrera Bryant. The front of the postcard depicts a little girl dressed as an angel, holding a candle. The back contains the message: “Feliz Navidad y Prospero Ano Nuevo” or “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Las Manitas Cafe.” It was previously noted by Mary Visser that Lidia’s area of expertise was in business and finance, while Cynthia was recognized for establishing Las Manitas Restaurant in Austin. Cynthia also founded “La Pena,” a community arts and culture non-profit, whose headquarters were at Las Manitas until it closed down. It is also noted by Mary Visser in “Notes on the Achievements of Lidia and Cynthia Pérez” that Las Manitas Restaurant “survived two economic depressions,” a testimony to the sisters’ hard work and “excellent food.”


Lidia Pérez, Cynthia Pérez




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