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SU Quarterly 1992025.pdf
This particular edition of Southwestern Quarterly magazine includes articles titled "Discoveries of America" and "Exhibit Focuses on Tejana Women." The “Discoveries of America” section provides a short introduction for each of the six presentations…

Vision HWNT Newsletter019.pdf
This newsletter includes different articles about Latina women and their accomplishments and projects within the state of Texas. According to the newsletter, it is stated that "all rights belong to the Hispanic Women's Network of Texas."

Video recording of the 2017 Borderlands Symposium at Southwestern University by Norma E. Cantu

Borderlands Symposium - Norma Cantu.jpg
Advertising for the Southwestern University 2017 Borderlands Symposium

Taped News Cutting Simon024.pdf
“Keeper of culture wins honor” is a newspaper article printed by the Austin American-Statesman on September 15, 1983. September 15th begins the month long recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month, with the following day being “Diez y Sies”, Mexican…

This material is a clipping from an unknown media source (perhaps a pamphlet or poster) related to the American Deaf Dance Company. This clipping was collected during the research process to identify candidates for the exhibit; portrait subject…
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