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Ames Brochure 1996024.pdf
This is a brouchure from the Spring 1996 James Daniel Ames Lecture Series. The presentation this year was titled "Women Meeting: From the Conference Table to the Street." The speaker featured was Dr. Marysa Navarro who presented her work titled "The…

Aurora Orozco Ensayo1015.pdf
To the right, a PDF file of Aurora E. Orozco’s original handwritten document is available for free download. Below this item’s description, you will find a direct transcript of the text.

For Aurora E. Orozco, the Spanish language seeps into every…

Aurora Orozco Ensayo2016.pdf
This is a poem by Aurora E. Orozco titled Un dia en La Pisca de Algodon.

Aurora Orozco Poem1013.pdf
A poem based on two experiences, one as a child and the other as a grown woman, in which Aurora Orozco was prohibited from speaking Spanish.

Descriptions of "Rostros y Almas/Faces and Souls" Exhibtion
The following document is a collection of descriptions used under the portraits of those women included in the "Rostros y Almas/Faces and Souls" Exhibition. Each description has been transcribed in Spanish and English to show case the importance of…

Discoveries of America023.pdf
This document describes an outline for the 1992 Brown Symposium, titled “Discoveries of America.” The theme of the symposium was selected in order to coincide with the anniversary of Columbus’ arrival which occurred roughly five hundred years before,…

Exhibit Content Details of"Rostros y Almas/Face and Souls"
This item provides a short description of what the "Rostros y Almas/Faces and Souls" Exhibition is displaying and what it is attempting to accomplish for the Mexican American community in Texas.
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