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  • Collection: Research and Correspondence in Preparation for "Rostros y Almas/Faces and Souls"

Discovery of the Americas Brown Symposium Description
This resource describes the 1992 Brown Symposium, titled Discoveries of America. This Symposium will discuss the various meanings of America through examining the achievements of Blacks, Women, Southwestern Explorers, the English, the Spanish, and…

Letter to Cynthia Orozco002.pdf
The Memorandum is from Mary Visser to Barbara Sappington. Mary Visser is contacting Cynthia Orozco but she is doing so through Sappington. In the memorandum Visser thanks Orozco for her consultation work on the project.

Tejana Exhibit Criteria001.pdf
The Tejana Exhibit Criteria is an email from Cynthia E. Orozco to Lupita Barrera Bryant. The email is a review of Bryant's plans for the exhibit with Orozco's comments and suggestions. Orozco comments on the criteria plans that Bryant has while…

Ames Brochure 1996024.pdf
This is a brouchure from the Spring 1996 James Daniel Ames Lecture Series. The presentation this year was titled "Women Meeting: From the Conference Table to the Street." The speaker featured was Dr. Marysa Navarro who presented her work titled "The…

Aurora Orozco Ensayo1015.pdf
To the right, a PDF file of Aurora E. Orozco’s original handwritten document is available for free download. Below this item’s description, you will find a direct transcript of the text.

For Aurora E. Orozco, the Spanish language seeps into every…

Aurora Orozco Ensayo2016.pdf
This is a poem by Aurora E. Orozco titled Un dia en La Pisca de Algodon.

Garza Program1006.pdf
The bilingual program features selected photographs from the exhibit, which was sponsored by the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) in San Antonio in affiliation with the Instituto Cultural Mexicano. It also includes an artist's statement…

Lena Railroad Commission020.pdf
This piece includes an article in the Hispanic Business Magazine about Texas governors, as well as a biographical piece on Lena Guerrero, the 34th person to serve on the Texas Railroad Commission. Notes presumably from Mary Visser to Lupita Bryant…

Newspaper Cutting Lopez.pdf
This is a newspaper article that discusses Minerva Lopez' contributions to the educational system in San Antonio.

Membership Directory 001.pdf
The directory includes the information of members in the San Antonio chamber of Commerce. It also includes the contact information for businesses involved with the chamber of commerce.
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