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Margarita Munoz Simon

A Newspaper Clipping: "Keeper of Culture Wins Honor"

Newspaper clipping about Margarita Muñoz Simon's work 

Newspaper Clipping: Fiestas Patrias Honors La Senora Munoz Simon

Newspaper clipping




Margarita Munoz Simon was a woman who used newspaper and radio broadcasting to advocate for the preservation of Mexican American culture and language in the Austin-area community around the 1940-50s. She and her husband founded a Spanish language newspaper called El Democratico and for more than three decades, she had a career with radio stations KTXN and KMXX. Munoz Simon was a big proponent of keeping tradition alive and helping the Latin American people value the "dignity and knowledge that comes from the home." She played a large role in community development of cultural activities and political activity ranging from work with a political action group called Political Association of Spanish-Speaking Organizations (PASO) to organizing the first PTA meeting at Zavala Elementary School. For the majority of her life, Munoz Simon was dedicated to promoting a strong voice for the Mexican American community. 

Portrait of Margarita Muñoz Simon

Portrait of Margarita Muñoz Simon 

Description of Portrait of Margarita Munoz Simon

Description of the Portrait of Margarita Muñoz Simon