"Rostros y Almas/ Faces and Souls": A Photography Exhibit

In 1992 photographer Mary Jessie Garza and co-curators Mary Visser and Lupita Barrera Bryant sought to create an exhibit that displayed the work of Latina women throughout Central Texas. This is the original exhibit display of the 31 photographs of the women paired with portrait descriptions. It debuted at the 1992 Brown Symposium held at Southwestern University, titled "Discoveries of America." This campus event recognized the Quincentennial of Columbus' arrival to the Americas. According to the 1992 Winter Southwestern Quarterly, the symposium featured a "range of academic disciplines who discussed interconnected meanings of America." The exhibit discussed Columbus'  lasting effect on the various peoples of the Americas that were and are marginalized by the history of colonization. The original physical exhibit remains on permanent display in the F.W. Olin Building at Southwestern University. In order to raise awareness about the presence and work of Latinas in Central Texas and on the campus of Southwestern University, this exhibit has been digitized to create more accessibility to the public. It was the Latina History Project's goal to preserve the integrity and entirety of the original exhibit. 


Mary Jessie Garza (photographer), Lupita Barrera Bryant (co-curator), Mary Visser (co-curator); Digital Exhibit curators: Adriana Romero, Tori Vasquez, Stephanie Garcia