Many people have contributed to our ever-growing Latina History Project Omeka site! We are very grateful to the Summerlee Foundation for its continued support of the Latina History Project.

We offer our thanks to the following contributors:

Former student workers Tori Vasquez, Nani Romero, Stephanie Garcia, and Denise Ovalle

Former Omeka Project Consultant and Site Supervisor Charlotte Nunes

Our very special thanks to:

Professor Mary Visser, for providing the primary source materials featured on this site.

Kelly Lessard, Faculty Administrative Assistant, for her many, ongoing contributions to the Latina History Project and the Omeka site!

Katherine Hooker, Visual Resources Librarian, for providing digitization resources and contributing hours of her time to our project!

Tori and Nani processing primary source materials

Student workers Tori Vasquez and Nani Romero processing primary source materials for the Latina History Project.